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Surprise! My name isn’t actually Lee! ;)

Hi, I’m Therese and it’s lovely to introduce you to my biz, LoveLee Designs. 
Lee is actually my middle name, which my mum passed on to me, and which I then passed on to my little lady. Three gals in a row sharing the same (middle) name - it was a no brainer to create something I love based on that.

Making and creating is something that’s always been close to my heart - I love the process of creating beautiful, unique goodies for you to enjoy. I’d gladly spend all day making earrings, pendants, and other gorgeous goodies for you lovely humans to wear, or gift to others.

I love handmade and local and everything it means - slow, meaningful, smaller batches, human connection, made with love, community. 

That said, small biz wasn't always my world. For many years I was in corporate; dressing in a suit, heading into the city on the daily, working crazy hours, taking regular interstate trips. But after going back into the big business world for a short time following Miss LoveLee’s arrival, I decided it was no longer the life for me. Small business is where my heart’s at.
Work/life balance and doing something I love whilst raising my own little love was a combo I craved - LoveLee Designs has been my answer.

Markets are where LoveLee Designs first got out and about - you may have seen me at my stall, always with a keep cup of tea in hand, always chatting to (or the leg off!) you lovely people. You’ll struggle to end a conversation with me if you have a baby or dog - I go weak at the knees for both! But I have always loved a good market day.

So if you’re after unique, small batch jewellery or a gorgeous gift for someone spesh, here is a great place to be! I hope that when you wear my creations, or gift them to someone you love, that it brings you as much joy as I felt when making them for you!