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Little Rainbow Creations

Little Rainbow Creations is the brainchild of MY child - little Miss LoveLee!

After watching her Mamma grow LoveLee Designs over the years, Miss LoveLee (who turns 7 this October) decided she too wanted to make pretty things and sell them at markets. 

Admittedly, at first, I humoured her ideas and involved her in LoveLee Designs as much as I could, taking her to markets and chatting with her daily about the running of a handmade business.

But it wasn't enough! Miss LoveLee wanted her own range, her own brand and her own set up at markets! And so she got to work... 

Under the watchful and very proud eyes of her Mamma, Miss LoveLee chose her own business name, branding, and designs to include in her product range.

Little Rainbow Creations was born!

Clip on earrings and sweet little hairclips are the first accessories to be created and will be launched at Yarra Glen Racecourse Market (alongside LLD) on September 1.

It's been amazing to see her passion project come to life - be it a Limited Edition range, or the next big thing! Either way, I'm proud as hell, and I think you will be too!